Lots of people in East Dulwich use our community centre, from under 5’s to over 50’s (and every age in between!), so if you feel there’s something in the centre for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. And if there isn’t, let us know. We could help you set up and organize a group.

In addition we host the Barry Area Residents Association, Goose Green ward Councillors and local MP’s surgeries. The centre also hosts other activities such as jazz evenings.

Monday Fit Club – more…
Clip Theatre – more…
Gumboots After School Club – more…
Clip Theatre – more…
Gumboots After School Club – more…
Woodcraft Folk – youth group – more…
Eos Dance School  – more…
Gumboots After School Club – more…
Tots Tennis Club – more…
Gumboots After School Club – more…
Goose Green ward councillor surgery – 2nd and 4th Thursday of month
MP Surgery – check for dates
Gumboots After School Club – more…
Eos Dance School – more…
Bibleway – community faith group
Alcoholics Anonymous 7pm – duration 1hr 15mins website

Activity Groups

Monday Fit Club

Monday class at 9.30am. Duration 50min £10

Monday Fit Club is a 50 minute class designed to give a whole body workout.  

Expect a high energy whole body workout designed to improve cardiovascular health, strength and core stability. 

Every week is different and you can expect to use bodyweight exercises, free weights, and a range of equipment such as resistance bands, skipping ropes & boxing.

Options are given to accommodate different fitness levels and everybody is welcome.

Monday to Friday at 3.15pm till 6pm.

Welcome to New Gumboots After School Club for primary school children in East Dulwich. The Club is run by a management committee of elected parents and is a registered charity.

The staff team, under the direction of the manager, aims to create a safe and happy environment for each child in its care.

Clip Theatre

Mon 9:50 amMixed Age (4m to 5y)
Mon 10:50 amMixed Age (4m to 5y)
Tue 9:45 amMixed Age (4m to 5y)
Tue 10:40 amMixed Age (4m to 5y)
Tue 11:30 amNewborn & Babies (0m to 12m)

CLIP Theatre provides a range of classes for babies, toddlers and the under fives.

We have decades of experiences in Creative Learning and believe strongly in the link between global development, academic attainment and contact with the arts.

The arts are exceptionally powerful as a tool for development and learning.

Woodcraft Folk

Tuesdays starting at 18:30pm

At Woodcraft Folk we believe passionately in equality and co-operation: everyone is welcome to join our groups.

Every week thousands of volunteers and young people meet in school halls, community venues and a host of other places to learn about big ideas through fun activities like singing, camping, playing and debating.

Our aim is to have great fun, but also to try to develop children’s self-confidence and build their awareness of society around them.

Wednesdays and Saturdays
Click here for classes and times

Our classes offer children the chance of expressing their personality through dance and movement. We firmly believe enjoyment to be a prerequisite to move to any further stage. Children showing talent, desire and dedication will be subsequently encouraged and guided to pursue a professional career through auditions with the most prestigious vocational schools of the country, including the Royal Ballet School.

We regularly organise shows and presentations to involve our students in the stage experience and exciting projects.

Teachers all are fully qualified and trained at the most prestigious national and international Academies, such as the Royal Academy of Dance.

Prospective pupils are welcome to enrol at any time of the year. For health and safety reasons, formal registration is a requirement to dance in our classes. Please refer to our info & enrolment section to download the necessary documents and for full information about your preferred location.

10.30am – 2 year old class (30 minutes)
11.00am – 3-4 year old class (45 minutes)

Tots Tennis Club is a fun, play-based introduction to tennis for pre-school ages.  The focus is on developing agility, balance and coordination through a variety of games. We encourage children to understand their bodies through movement, develop ball and racket skills, and move on to mastering forehands, backhands and more. We aim to develop a love for sport in children at an early age, as well as helping them to socialise and play constructively with others.